iSpis - Data format for bulk case imports

The Case service allows bulk importing cases by specifying an MS Excel table with the columns bellow. See also an example table.

Alternatively, API import function caseImport can be used with data having the same structure and meaning.

Not all columns are required and some data can be specified in more ways for user convenience.

Field names are either a single "word" (e.g. RefNo, GivenName) or in the Type.Field form, where type is used to describe relation of the person to the case (e.g. Creditor.CIdlinking case to a specified pre-created creditor person) or for claim accessions (legal interest, penalties, fees,..., e.g. LegalInterest.Since).

Additionally, the table can also contain other columns recorded in the Fields section of the case.

All fields with a date must be in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD), all fractional amounts must use decimal point as a separator and phone numbers have to be in the international format ("+" country-prefix number). Please note that MS Excel might display data in another format than the one stored in the file!

If a case with specified RefNo already exists, the case is updated using the specified values instead. E.g. a table withRefNo and State fields would change the state of the cases or a table with RefNoand Task would create a task in every case.

V prípade akýchkoľvek otázok nás neváhajte kontaktovať!

Data fields


A unique case identifier, such as contract number, payment reference number (variable symbol), solicitor's file reference, hearing number, etc. The format should be a number or number/year. Required field.


Name of batch or group the case belongs to. This has to be pre-created on the Dashboard page.


The case domain (business-logic), such as Collectionfor debt collection or Attorney for legal cases.


Processing stage of the case, whithin the category. Allowed values depend on a category, for instance OutOfCourt, Schedule, Overdue, Closed, etc. for the Collection category.


Cases can be labelled by single-word text labels, used e.g. for filtering cases. The label can be deleted by entering it in the DeleteLabel column.


One or more persons involved can be recorded with each case, along with the person's role in the case (for example, Debtor, Creditor, Patron, Guarantor,...). To specify a person, you can either use the Relation, GivenName, FamilyName,... fileds or use fields in the form RelationType.FieldName, e.g. Creditor.CId.

Please note that a person appearing in more cases is stored in the iSpis person database only once.

GivenName, FamilyName, DateOfBirth

Personal name, surname, birth date.

Code, CompanyId, CompanyName

National identifier of the person (alphanumeric characters only), legal entity/business ID, legal entity name.

Street, StreetNo, HouseNumber, ZIP, City, Country

Main address of the person. Street and house number can be entered in a single field as StreetNo. Country should be 2 alphanumeric characters (ISO 3166-1).

Alternatively, all details can be entered into single Addressfield, see bellow.

Address, AddressDelivery, AddressBusiness, AddressExtra

Additional addresses can be entered as well, but these must be entered into a single field. An address can be entered in a single field in the format of Street HouseNumber, ZIP City [, Country], such as Antonínská 564/18, 60200 Brno. Some country specific deviations from this format are allowed. Please contact us for more details.

Email, Phone, Web, ExtraID

E-mail, telephone number, URL address or any other identifier. E-mail and phone numbers can be space separated, the first one is considered as primary.

Amount, DueDate, ContractDate, IssuedDate, VS, Currency, ClaimKind, PaidAmount, PaidDate

Creates a claim for the case. If PaidAmount is not empty (non-zero), one payment is added (such as partial payment).

The system supports import of country-specific legal interests (accessions). Contact us for more details.

Interest.Rate, Interest.Period, Interest.Amount, Interest.StartDate, Interest.EndDate

You can specify claim's interest by specifying Interest.*fields. Interest.Rate is mandatory - integer value in percents (e.g. 15). Use Interest.Period "year" for yearly percent rates. Claim principal amount is used as default and claim due date plus one day as Interst.StartDate.

Note, NoteBy, Task

Note or Task columns can be entered to create an event for the case. If Note is entered, a note with an appropriate text is created. If Task is entered with the value of call, visit, etc., an appropriate task is created. If both are entered, a task with a pre-filled note is created. You can also specify author (iSpis user) of the note by specifiing his/her e-mail address (login name) in NoteBy field.


Further, History field can be used to import more notes.History is a new-line separated list of notes, every note has a YYYY-MM-DD note text format.